University Management ERP

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Edumanage is an ERP for colleges, universities and large schools and training institutions developed by a partner organization Locus Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai – pioneers in university management solutions for over 15 years.

Built on open source Java and Android technologies, Edumanage introduces state of the art business processes to managing universities and educational institutions. It is a comprehensive application covering all aspects of University / College management.

It monitors the complete lifecycle of a student from admission to courses and syllabi in each semester, assignments, practical work, mid semester and end semester exams, parent teacher interaction, grades, graduation, placements and alumni management.

Besides finance, accounts, payroll, inventory and supply chain, it manages multiple fee structures and billing, GST, pay commission changes, asset tracking and management, vehicle management and includes a comprehensive property management system. 

Hostels and student messes, cafeteria and canteen, retail outlets within the college, maintenance work for buildings and equipment, laboratory management etc. are managed via integrated modules. 

Some of the institutions using Edumanage over the years are:


Integrated Modules -

Admission Management

  • Application form
  • Student Admission
  • Student’s database - pre college marks, DOTE information, extra curricular activities and scholarship details.

Department Management

  • Department History
  • Course Management
  • Syllabus Management
  • Time Table
  • On-line exam

Student Management

  • Student Personal Information
  • Students ID card with barcode
  • Student Extra curricular activities
  • Attendance
  • Internal Assessment
  • Remarks and Warnings
  • Performance Report

Staff Management

  • Personal Information
  • Staff ID card with barcode
  • Attendance
  • Additional Qualification
  • Service Register
  • Leave Application & Approval
  • Daily Work Report
  • Pay Details

Campus Management

  • Building Management
  • Room Management
  • Property Management

Hostel Management

  • Hostel Building Information
  • Rooms Information, occupancy, vacancy, furniture and fixtures
  • Property Information
  • Daily Consumables
  • Student mess, cafeteria, canteens.
  • Billing and Accounts

Transport Management

  • Vehicle Details
  • Drivers and other employee Details
  • Vehicle usage and fees
  • Pick up Points and routes
  • Vehicle maintenance, Tyre rotation, battery maintenance etc.

Laboratory Management

  • Inventory – Indent, P.O., GRN, Daily Consumables
  • Student practical work
  • Information (observations)
  • Student penalties

Examination Management

  • Time Table
  • Exam Application form
  • Hall Tickets and Room allocation
  • Exam Attendance
  • Setting Question Paper
  • Paper Evaluation
  • Mark Sheet
  • Result declaration and management

Library Management

  • Journals
  • Accounts
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • User Masters
  • Reports
  • Transactions
  • Auto Messaging System
  • Book Reservation
  • Barcode for books

Accounts Management

  • Chart of Accounts, Masters and Transaction
  • Accounts, Audit reports, Statutory reports, GST.
  • Budgeting
  • Asset management and accounting


  • Masters
  • Biometric attendance for staff and students
  • Statutory Reports
  • EPF, Gratuity, Profession Tax, TDS etc.

Inventory Management

  • Vendor and Material Masters
  • Indent, Purchase Order, Amendments, Goods Receipts, Issues, Returns
  • GST reports.

General Management

  • Circular, General Holidays, Special holidays
  • Parent teacher interaction, communications.
  • Technical forum
  • Document Management system