The Enterprise Edition (Java EE) in a Java Platform is a regular within the community-oriented enterprise software. Java EE is developed with help of the Java Community in general and this includes valuable inputs from experts from the field, forums and user groups. Therefore, with every new release, newer aspects that are more in line with what is required, aspects that help improve or add to the working of the application are incorporated.
Today, there are over 20 Java EE 6 compliant implementations to choose from.


Java is a well-known platform and programming language that has been around for about two decades. In fact, most of our computer applications, websites, games, do not operate on your system if it does not have Java support. Today, it has become so commonplace that most applications operate only on a Java-supported platform. The platform offers easier portability, stability, dependability, security and improves efficiency.


SOA offers companies an inventive approach that helps enhance existing business plans and plays a key role in agile enterprise management which in turn leads to better speed, reduced costs and increased quality. 


Android is an innovative operating system that has been coined exclusively to help support smart phone applications. An offering from Google, it works on a Java supported platform. In fact all phones that work on anAndroid platform comes with its own features and specifications. This user-friendly, adaptable OS renders all smart phones operating on Android can be tailored to individual preferences and requirements.  In fact, today there are many application or Apps that can be downloaded on an Android operated system.
With the growing influence and reach of Android operated systems, it does form the basis of most newly released and widely adapted applications.



From the house of Apple, comes iOS a well-known, user-friendly, practical and easy-to-navigate interface or an operating system that is exclusively offered on all smart phones like iPhone and gadgets like iPad and iPod. Any device that is supported or made by Apple operates on iOS. 
The iOS platform is made exclusively for any mobile device or gadget, and the built-in software system works and operates more like a fully operational computer system.