Onsite development

On-Site Consulting

We provide our software engineers and IT consultants for on-site work at any client location worldwide.

We can undertake Software Development and Consultancy assignments on time and material basis. Such assignments can be either at the Client's location anywhere in the world or at our facilities in Bombay, India. A Time and Material Model is more suitable for assignments where the requirements are not fixed and subject to change.

SMAC Technologies definitely adds a new angle to the existing business models as they help capitalize on existing capabilities and methodologies. This is a combination of social, mobile, analytics and cloud on one combined load wherein each of these functionalities facilitates the working of another so as to achieve better results. This new model is being adapted by most organizations including Excel as it is a shared, mutual, interconnected and productive activity that helps reap benefits.

J2EE 7 development

J2EE 7 has helped create our own annotations and objects, tasks are managed and executed with the aid of J2EE 7. This definitely is very handy in mobile-oriented solutions and development. For all development projects that we at Excel have undertaken for our clients by adapting J2EE 7, we have been able to establish a defined pattern that is two-way and operates in real-time between clients and servers.

Open Text Cordys development

Most business processes, outlines and operational improvement models evaluate and set up process improvisations in a quick and seamless manner with the aid of OpenText Cordys BPM processes.

OpenText Cordys BPM practices have evolved a capability to perfectly ally business requisites with IT. Therefore, when businesses have to change, adapt and adopt newer processes for the better, it is the BPM process models and tools that help close the gap, collaborates so as to foster a seamless integration that results in substantial benefits for organizations. At Excel, we have adopted the BPM business tools to improve our process cycles and thus transform and garner better results in projects undertaken for our clients’.

Mobility Solutions

Today, SMAC seems to have a proliferating effect on businesses as they are generating newer, virtual business outlines that are helping maximize productivity and seem to have a burgeoning effect when all components of SMAC work in unison.

  • Thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones and other hand-held devices, user interfacing with applications beyond the desktop has become a prime focus world-wide. Keeping pace with this new market reality, Excel has built the desired expertise in using technologies that open up possibilities to create & enable the next generation of applications on different digital platforms.
  • Using frameworks like Mowbly & IBM Worklight, Excel has developed multimodal applications which run on all popular smartphones, tablet and special purpose devices. Our applications are adaptive, robust & secure. They are user friendly, allow natural interaction with mobile devices, have built-in peripheral integration and allow you to connect with your business anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of our applications

  • They adapt behavior to user, network, device, motion and other available contextual information
  • Take advantage of simultaneous multimodality, to naturally interact with your Enterprise applications, and improve your productivity.
  • Enable Open Standards based application Authoring, Management and Deployment across all mobile device platforms in the Enterprise.
  • Execute a multi-pronged mobile enablement strategy, maximizing reuse of existing resources and applications, and delivering cross-platform rich applications at the same time.


  • Multimodal: Users can type, touch, talk and gesture to interact in a multimodal way with applications on mobile devices
  • Portable: Uniform markup execution across Smartphones, Tablets, Rugged Devices and Specialized Embedded Operating Systems
  • Context-Aware: Brings in device, environment and other context data for intelligent application interaction and execution
  • Secure: Protects enterprise data by using secure transmission channels and storage, with multifactor authentication and authorization
  • Managed: System administrators can centrally control the platform, perform application upgrades and manage security
  • Extensible: Built using Mowbly & IBM worklight frameworks. Enterprises and ISVs can easily extend the platform functionality to suit their needs


  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile platforms
  • Enables Multimodality on existing web applications
  • Allows interaction with applications both in network-connected and disconnected modes
  • Captures rich data such as images, ink annotations, maps, documents, voice notes, barcode scans and signatures
  • Integrates on-device peripherals such as camera, GPS, card reader and barcode scanners for rich set of capabilities on the device
  • Integrates local device data such as contacts, alerts (SMS) into application workflows
  • Facilitates remote device/application management, automates data synchronization and security

Business Workflows

In simple terms, Workflow is a couple activities that are required to finish a task. It is a pre-determined and orchestrated business activity outline that is achieved by methodically organizing all resources into procedures that aid in altering resources, offering services and thus information is processed. Flowcharts and maps that outline the process are actually useful tools that aid in envisaging how many and the categories of steps that are detailed in a workflow. This can be automated to implement business systems that help determine the stages in succession.


Therefore, documenting the workflow and business process outlines are actually key features in BPM and we at Excel have evolved our own workflow methodologies incorporating automated processes, tools and a workable model that aids in the workflow process.

Enterprises today face the challenge of newer & better customer oriented products & services, while holding down operational costs. To achieve this, they are looking at improved business workflow solutions. Excel, with it’s multiple- domain experience & business workflow expertise, empowers enterprises to plan efficiently, intelligently, and rapidly. Our easily executable workflows support & standardize all dimensions of business workflow management including

  • Flow charts
  • Process maps
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Workflow documentation
  • Business rules
  • Business transformation
  • Task execution
  • Routing & queuing

Business Analytics

Business Analytics (BA) may be inferred as a practice where data is analysed statistically and methodically, exploring and applying various optimization methods on available data to determine predictive representations so as to aid companies to apply this data in important decision making.

At Excel, we employ Business Analytics to achieve greater insights which aids in automating and optimizing all our business processes that we undertake on behalf of our clients’. The beneficial outcome is apparent in our data mining methodologies, statistical analysis, testing iterations and our predictive analytics.

Excel's next gen quantitative methods of exploring and unravelling economic opportunities through data analysis helps clients of all sizes categorize information in the context of their business. Our clients uncover insights more quickly and more easily from all types of data, on multiple platforms and devices.

Rest assured, the built in expertise & intelligence of our solutions give you the confidence to make smarter decisions that better address your business objectives.

Excel's business Analytics capabilities include

Business intelligence - Solutions that deploy reports, dashboards and scorecard capabilities throughout the enterprise with past, present and predictive views

Performance management - Solutions that cover finance & sales & operations and predict financial performance initiatives

Risk analytics - Tested, reliable , intelligent information that enables a connected view of risk, to support business decisions that optimize value for an enterprise.

Marketing analytics – Solutions that encourage you to build stronger relationships with your customer & maximize your return on investments, through intelligent marketing initiatives

Regulatory compliance – Solutions that are integrated to help you maintain & sustain profitability while keeping pace with changing regulatory demands.

Cloud and software as a service- Excel's business analytics applications are available in cloud-based or software as a service (SaaS) versions.