Mobility Solutions

SMAC Technologies definitely adds a new angle to the existing business models as they help capitalize on existing capabilities and methodologies. This is a combination of social, mobile, analytics and cloud on one combined load wherein each of these functionalities facilitates the working of another so as to achieve better results. This new model is being adapted by most organizations including Excel as it is a shared, mutual, interconnected and productive activity that helps reap benefits.

Today, SMAC seems to have a proliferating effect on businesses as they are generating newer, virtual business outlines that are helping maximize productivity and seem to have a burgeoning effect when all components of SMAC work in unison.

Mobility Solutions

  • Thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones and other hand-held devices, user interfacing  with applications beyond the desktop has become a prime focus world-wide. Keeping pace with this new market reality, Excel has built the desired expertise in using technologies that open up possibilities to create & enable the next generation of applications on different digital platforms.
  • Using frameworks like Mowbly & IBM Worklight, Excel has developed multimodal applications which run on all popular smartphones, tablet and special purpose devices. Our applications are adaptive, robust & secure. They are user friendly, allow natural interaction with mobile devices, have built-in peripheral integration and allow you to connect with your business anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of our applications

  • They adapt behavior to user, network, device, motion and other available contextual information
  • Take advantage of simultaneous multimodality, to naturally interact with your Enterprise applications,  and improve your productivity.
  • Enable Open Standards based application Authoring, Management and Deployment across all mobile device platforms in the Enterprise.
  • Execute a multi-pronged mobile enablement strategy, maximizing reuse of existing resources and applications, and delivering cross-platform rich applications at the same time.


  • Multimodal: Users can type, touch, talk and gesture to interact in a multimodal way with applications on mobile devices
  • Portable: Uniform markup execution across Smartphones, Tablets, Rugged Devices and Specialized Embedded Operating Systems
  • Context-Aware: Brings in device, environment and other context data for intelligent application interaction and execution
  • Secure: Protects enterprise data by using secure transmission channels and storage, with multifactor authentication and authorization
  • Managed: System administrators can centrally control the platform, perform application upgrades and manage security
  • Extensible: Built using Mowbly & IBM worklight frameworks.  Enterprises and ISVs can easily extend the platform functionality to suit their needs


  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile platforms
  • Enables Multimodality on existing web applications
  • Allows interaction with applications both in network-connected and disconnected modes
  • Captures rich data such as images, ink annotations, maps, documents, voice notes, barcode scans and signatures
  • Integrates on-device peripherals such as camera, GPS, card reader and barcode scanners for rich set of capabilities on the device
  • Integrates local device data such as contacts, alerts (SMS) into application workflows
  • Facilitates remote device/application management, automates data synchronization and security