Business Workflow

In simple terms, Workflow is a couple activities that are required to finish a task. It is a pre-determined and orchestrated business activity outline that is achieved by methodically organizing all resources into procedures that aid in altering resources, offering services and thus information is processed. Flowcharts and maps that outline the process are actually useful tools that aid in envisaging how many and the categories of steps that are detailed in a workflow. This can be automated to implement business systems that help determine the stages in succession.

Therefore, documenting the workflow and business process outlines are actually key features in BPM and we at Excel have evolved our own workflow methodologies incorporating automated processes, tools and a workable model that aids in the workflow process.

Enterprises today face the challenge of newer & better customer oriented products & services, while holding down operational costs. To achieve this, they are looking at improved business workflow solutions. Excel, with it’s multiple- domain experience & business workflow expertise, empowers enterprises to plan efficiently, intelligently, and rapidly. Our easily executable workflows support & standardize all dimensions of business workflow management including

  • Flow charts
  • Process maps
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Workflow documentation
  • Business rules
  • Business transformation
  • Task execution
  • Routing & queuing