Business Systems Consulting

Today's market dynamics ask for a multi-pronged approach. To stay ahead, clients need to own a sustainable advantage over competitors through excellence in productivity, innovation & technology that will not only streamline processes, but also open up new horizons of opportunity.

Business today is being transformed by the converging forces of globalization, infrastructure, mobility, information, interaction & continuous technology innovation. It has become imperative that organizations rethink, reinvent & rewrite business models to apply the new SMAC business technology architecture (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) to their most significant challenges and opportunities.

At Excel, that's what we work with you to do. We help clients rethink their business models, realign their processes, reshape operations & reinvent their business objectives  to gain competitive advantage.

We achieve this with a focus on

  • Study, analysis, planning, implementation and reporting
  • Requirements analysis and management
  • Business modelling and scenario analyses
  • Management reporting
  • Inventory and production planning
  • Customer information management
  • valuation and definition of requirements
  • Evaluation and selection of appropriate software solutions
  • Implementation of the selected solution
  • Analysis, Planning & Implementation
  • Procurement Management
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Ongoing Support
  • Process & Workflow Development
  • Training of personnel
  • Business process re-engineering and optimisation
  • Business continuity/disaster
  • Recovery strategy
  • eCommerce strategy

We have considerable experience in designing systems that integrate Operational MIS issues with normal business transactions at the grass root level.

Our approach is to superimpose system controls over each business transaction and provide audit trails and routines for checks and balances wherever necessary.

We are familiar with Sales tax, CENVAT, Customs, Entry tax, FDA, DPCO, AIOCDA and other statutory regulations. We deal with these issues on a day to day basis in each state and geographical region of the country.

Core Strengths

  • Sales and Distribution
  • Accounting and Finance