Business Analytics

Business Analytics (BA) may be inferred as a practice where data is analysed statistically and methodically, exploring and applying various optimization methods on available data to determine predictive representations so as to aid companies to apply this data in important decision making.

At Excel, we employ Business Analytics to achieve greater insights which aids in automating and optimizing all our business processes that we undertake on behalf of our clients’. The beneficial outcome is apparent in our data mining methodologies, statistical analysis, testing iterations and our predictive analytics.

Excel's next gen quantitative methods of exploring and unravelling economic opportunities through data analysis helps clients of all sizes categorize information in the context of their business. Our clients uncover insights more quickly and more easily from all types of data, on multiple platforms and devices.

Rest assured, the built in expertise & intelligence of our solutions give you the confidence to make smarter decisions that better address your business objectives.

Excel's business Analytics capabilities include

Business intelligence - Solutions that deploy reports, dashboards and scorecard capabilities throughout the enterprise with past, present and predictive views

Performance management - Solutions that cover finance & sales & operations and predict financial performance initiatives

Risk analytics - Tested, reliable , intelligent information that enables a connected view of risk, to support business decisions that optimize value for an enterprise.

Marketing analytics – Solutions that encourage you to build stronger relationships with your customer & maximize your return on investments, through intelligent marketing initiatives

Regulatory compliance – Solutions that are integrated to help you maintain & sustain profitability while keeping pace with changing regulatory demands.

Cloud and software as a service- Excel's business analytics applications are available in cloud-based or software as a service (SaaS) versions.