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Medico has been a leading SD product since 1995. Over the years Medico has evolved and improved both on the functional and technological fronts.

By 2006, the world woke up to the huge advantages of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and BPM (Business Process Modeling). Major corporations like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and others started moving their development strategies towards SOA. Jan Baan (of Baan ERP fame) sold the ERP business and set up Cordys in Netherlands with its R&D centre in Hyderabad. Cordys is a pure SOA/BPM platform company.

In 2007, Excel became an OEM partner with Cordys and ported Medico onto the Cordys BPMS - a modern architecture that not only embraces the advances in architecting enterprise solutions but also provides a robust, centralized architecture built to leverage enterprise computing on the Cloud using Web 2.0.