Business Intelligence & Decision Support - Medico eDSS


The BI tools available in the market today do collate information but they are more tuned to detailed analysis at the corporate level and cater to analysts who have time to ponder over reams of data and information. Sales people, field managers and people on the move need quick and easy access to key information in simple practical formats with options to drill down, monitor KPIs, keep an eye on HQ level profitability and respond to SMS / email alerts.

Medico eDSS caters to the need for an expansive BI solution that can be used by everybody across the organization. It is an Enterprise wide Decision Support System and BI tool, more operational tool than analytical – a more powerful weapon in the hands of an informed, hand-on manager.

Medico eDSS is focused on providing organizations with summarized information and key performance indicators that allow people in various roles in the organization, at different hierarchical levels to quickly access and monitor information to take decisions in real time. It includes various domain specific functionalities such as business logic, processes, workflows, alerts, controls and analysis.

Unlike an average BI installation that would have about 40-50 users, Medico eDSS can be used by everybody in an organization, right from the CEO to the sales person. The product’s objective is to bring everybody in an enterprise on the same page.

Medico eDSS helps companies not only integrate data and information across multiple applications, but it also helps integrate people across different functional areas. Since every KPI that affects the health of the organization is at the fingertips of every employee – it makes everybody aware and accountable. This enables informed decisions to be taken in real time across the enterprise landscape since everybody feels accountable.

Medico eDSS integrates well with underlying applications such as SAP/ Baan/ JD Edwards and provides real time reporting to users at the head office and to people in the field across the nation. The product also helps organizations monitor sales performances in terms of targets, growth at the HQ, MSR, ABM, RBM and as the Zonal manager levels. It also provides financial MIS with drill downs up to the transaction level; product & brand management and an outstanding, collection, cheque returns of stockists. Enterprises can manage stock and sales at locations, free schemes, sales ranking for each brand; analyze expiry, breakage and spoilt goods, plan stock transfers and logistics.

Apart from this, the tool has several other features that make it the sought after tool for the pharma industry. Built on the latest J2EE 7 technology and Oracle 11G the tool is lightning fast and can be viewed on mobiles, notepads and any device that supports internet browsers. Since we are familiar with the domain and ERP applications like SAP or NaVision we can implement Medico eDSS within a short span of 4-6 weeks even at large enterprises with over 3-4000 people. Medico eDSS also brings in transactions and posts them into its own database providing unparalleled multiple company financial MIS across group companies and branches.