JDA: JDA is the world leader in SCM, Demand planning and forecasting, Warehouse automation (Red Prairie). Excel is a strategic partner of JDA in India and SE Asia. Over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide use JDA for demand planning and forecasting.

IBM: The IBM Websphere range of products including WAS, ILOG (Business rules management system), DB2, Websphere SOA and Cast Iron.

Open Text Cordys: Open Text Cordys is a 1.3 billion dollar company headquartered in Canada. Leaders in integration technologies, SOA, BPM, Open Text Cordys is a leading global software giant. As an enterprise software company, Excel has a large application landscape at each client site. The need to integrate with and reuse existing client applications while rolling out our own created an increasing need to go the SOA/BPM way.

Cloud Pact - Mowbly: Pioneers in mobile cross platform development frameworks, Cloud Pact offers the Mowbly framework. Excel uses the Mowbly framework to develop mobile applications that work seamlessly on Android, Blackberry, IOS and Microsoft devices.

With JDA, IBM, Open Text Cordys and CloudPact, we deliver synergy – expertise and experience in multiple domains, futuristic mobile technology, integrity, attitude and purpose.