Why choose Excel


As an organization we believe in honesty and integrity not only in business but in the workplace - it's not just a philosophy for us - it's an important productivity tool. We have increased effective productivity in the software workplace by over 40% using this paradigm.

We offer you Integrity coupled with breadth of experience, granularity of functional domain and technical expertise, impeccable quality and total commitment at your price.


Our experience in developing and implementing software solutions in various functional areas of business is an important factor in ensuring that your mission critical applications are delivered on budget, on time, and will provide you with scalability, data integrity and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. We are equally comfortable dealing with large apex Government organizations, International Funding organizations like the World Bank and the EEC, large private sector corporations and small and medium businesses right down to wholesale and retail.


We constantly upgrade and hone new skills so that we can provide you with the best possible solutions using a judicious mix of Java, .Net, EJB/Hibernate, XML and related technologies. Security, data integrity, scalability and flexibility are of paramount importance to our design philosophy. We use BPM and SOA on a single stack to reuse, web enable and provide multi-channel support to your existing applications.


We offer both the Fixed Cost model and the time and material model to our clients for development projects. We factor our prices with the advantage of low marketing costs due to referrals and repeat business. Our billing rates are very competitive, but at the same time we would rather let go an assignment than drop rates to levels where quality is sacrificed.


Our applications are tightly coded, well documented and tested. We regularly upgrade our skills in this area. Quality is an investment for us because we intend to support our products during their entire life span.


Over the past two decades, we have seen upstart software companies come and go. We have stood by our clients and our solutions for over a decade. When you choose Excel, you get a company that believes in delivering at all costs and in being there with you over the years. As a new client you become to be our next marketing credo. Now that’s not pie in the sky because we rarely advertise our services. >