About Us

Excel was born in 1987, out of a passionate faith in the value of a business - technology combine. Excel aimed to provide small & large organizations with technology solutions to simplify their business processes, and thereby accelerate growth.

Over the years, Excel has developed applications that integrate all or many of the key business processes of many top notch organizations.

Over the past decades, we have earned a rich legacy of experience in deploying and maintaining best-of-breed solutions to a wide spectrum of private & public sector clients across geographies, including projects in conjunction with the World Bank and the European Community, apex organizations of the Govt. of India like the Ministry of Civil Aviation, HUDCO, Tamil Nadu Urban Development, Karnataka Housing Board & Madras Port Trust to name a few.

The diverse nature of clients & projects provided a platform to hone systems skills with exacting international consultants across various domains, at a global level.

In 1993, Excel decided to focus on the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. The flagship product Medico SD was launched to cater to the Pharma industry. Medico SD evolved into a suite of products catering to all levels of the pharmaceutical supply chain from manufacturing units to Central Warehouses, CFA and Consignee agents, wholesale stockists, institutions & hospitals and retailers.

The Medico suite now includes dedicated products to cater to finance, taxation, promotional inputs, sales force automation, business intelligence and decision support systems, secondary sales and product management.

Excel today, offers a gamut of solutions not only to the pharma industry, but also to enterprises involved in consumer goods, food, FMCG – an array of products and services that cater to growth oriented enterprises, across industries.  

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Our Palette

Unlike software companies that are only capable of designing systems in a single business domain, Excel offers 360 degree support – from initial strategy, design, configuration to implementation and ongoing service and support. In fact, we are considered to be experts at rapid, agile implementation of critical solutions for enterprises in growth mode. We enable organizations to efficiently discover, capture, visualize, and analyze end to end, the actual business process. We achieve this through a combination of proven technology, expertise, methods and best practices.

Our granular approach, specialized knowledge of processes and familiarity with the unique business needs of diverse markets in different geographies is a major strength. Implementation is our forte and this lends wings to the success of our products.

Excel's journey over the years has been truly transformational with valuable alliances with marquee partners. Our solutions across industry verticals are strengthened by alliances with global technology providers with who we form go-to-market partnerships.

Excel's Partners

Excel's journey over the years has been truly transformational with valuable alliances with marquee partners. Our solutions across industry verticals are strengthened by alliances with global technology providers with who we form go-to-market partnerships.


Cloud Pact

Major business decisions originate from mobile devices these days. Enterprises require a robust mobile platform to cater to this new reality. Cloud Pact’s Mowbly framework's single stack enterprise mobile application development platform is built to completely cater to this need.

Excel uses the Mowbly framework to develop mobile applications that work seamlessly on Android, Blackberry, IOS and Microsoft devices. With JDA, IBM, Open Text Cordys and CloudPact as our partners, we deliver integrity, synergy, expertise and experience in multiple domains including futuristic digital / mobile technologies.


IBM's Websphere range of products for SOA environments enables dynamic, interconnected business processes, and delivers highly effective application infrastructures for all business situations.

Excel promotes IBM’s Websphere range of products including WAS, ILOG (Business rules management system), DB2, Websphere SOA and Cast Iron.


JDA is the world leader in SCM, Demand planning and forecasting, Warehouse automation (Red Prairie). JDA’s solutions scale to unlock value & solve the toughest problems of the world’s largest companies. These solutions span the entire supply chain from planning to delivery, through any channel. Over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide use JDA for demand planning and forecasting.

Excel is a strategic partner of JDA.

Open Text:

 Open Text is a leading global software giant in integration technologies, SOA, BPM. The OpenText Cordys Business Operations Platform is a unique cloud-enabled solution designed to help organizations to adapt to new opportunities, minimize risks and introduce new service innovations rapidly and cost-effectively.

As an enterprise software company, Excel has a large application landscape at each client site. The need to integrate with and reuse existing client applications while rolling out our own encouraged Excel to adopt the SOA/BPM way early – way back in 2007. Excel’s flagship product Medico SD is built ground up on the OpenText Cordys SOA/BPM framework. Excel provides onshore and offshore consulting services on Open Text technologies.